The Most Spectacular View

A Gege/Sasa Story

On a remote and mountainous area somewhere in Rizal

He asked her, “How did you come up with that?”

“Come up with what?”


“Oh that. I don’t know, it’s just one of those things that just came up. I’m sorry, I know it kinda sounds juvenile. Don’t worry, I won’t call you by that name again.”

“Hey, it’s okay. I actually like it.”


“Yeah, surprisingly, I do. Especially when you’re the one saying it.”

“Well, let’s just hope this pet name won’t tarnish your action-drama prince image.”

“Buhawi Gege doesn’t sound so bad.”

And once again, he heard that famous laugh many of his colleagues are talking about. He can hear her laugh once in a while in ASAP but for her to actually laugh because of something that he said was a kind of fulfillment for him. It made him feel good that even for just a moment, he could make her forget the inevitable hurts and pains that goes with being a Sarah Geronimo.

“You may have heard this a million times before but you are awesome. I’m not much of a fan of mellow songs but you and Sir Martin got me hooked that night. That concert was amazing. Thank you very much for inviting me.”

“And thank you for coming.”

“So, Sasa. . . . . . . . . . . . . .  what?”

“What what?”

“What are you smiling about?”


“No, you have that look.”

“What look?”

“The I-know-something-that-you-don’t-know look.”

“Well I guess it’ll remain that way for now ‘cause you’ll not be able to pry it out of me.”

“Okay then. You’re secret will remain a secret. For now.. . . . . . . .So, Sasa, when do I get to go to your house? Now that I know your exact address and all.”

“Hey the concert’s done. Spiel’s over.”

“No, really, when can I go visit?”

“Why in the world would you want to go visiting?”

“You’re seriously asking me that question? What reason would any single man have to go visiting his beautiful and charming co-star’s house?”

“Humor me.”

“Of course, it’s the architecture. We men are always interested in how things are built. What other reason could there be? Unless you have some other things in mind.”

“Nope. Architecture it is.”

“But of course, you have to be there to give me a guided tour and all.”

“No problem. That is, if you can afford the entrance fee.”

“I will move heaven and earth so that I can afford that entrance fee!”

She observed that he seemed quite animated today, not his usual serious self. “You seem to have a lot to say today.”

“I’m sorry if I’m noisier than usual.”

“Hey it’s okay. It’s just that I’m not used to you talking more than five sentences at a given time.”

He laughed at what she just said although it is partly true that he does tend to be quiet at times.

“I may not be as wise or as funny or as charming or as eloquent as your previous leading men Sasa but I’m sure I could offer you something different, something that hasn’t been done before.”

“You’ve already made a good start.”


“Yeah. You’re my only leading man who’s called me Sasa. Nobody has done that before. And I think nobody can call me that in the way that you did.”

It may not be much to others but what she just said meant a lot to him. “You know something? I don’t think I’ll ever forget this place. Ever.”

“I know what you mean. I’ve been to many wonderful places before but this place has something unique in it.” And sensing that he is looking around him and basking in the beauty of their surroundings, she gazed at his profile and said, “And it has the most spectacular view.”

For him, this place is a reflection of her. A lovely place whose beauty comes from its simplicity. No pretentiousness, just plain, raw beauty. Here she is, the superstar of her generation, wearing a very simple outfit, a contrast to the elegant gowns she wore in her concert. Yet she is as breathtaking and as beautiful and as down-to-earth as this  place could ever be. As he was looking around the place and as his gaze eventually  settled on her face, he knew right there and then the reason why this moment would be forever etched in his memory.  Mustering up the courage to look at her directly, which he sometimes has difficulty in doing when they have scenes together, he finally said, “You’re right Sasa. This place indeed has the most spectacular view.”

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7 Responses to The Most Spectacular View

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ang ganda ganda naman nito. You are very talented . Not everyone has this gift. Thank you for sharing your gift to us. Para akong nagbabasa ng isang popular romance novel. Kaya lang nabitin ako kasi gusto ko mabasa yung ending hehehe…. More please…,,…Demanding no? Lam mo pwedeng pwede kang gumawa ng story and script para sa movie nila Sasa and Gege tapos ganito ang mga banat ng mga lines… Grabe to the max siguro ang kilig !!!

  2. rachel says:

    nakakakilig nmaan cla..i like both of them..cant really wait to watch their movie…

  3. gracie says:

    Im officially sasa & gege fanatic! I loveee their tandem..hopefully maging sila! weeeeee…and I can’t wait for their movieeee!

  4. Chariedith says:

    mahalo po for sharing cant wait to watch their movie! much luv n aloha

  5. Marizon says:

    I knew it!!!! From @rgeraldanderson’s tweets on V-day. He went to Sasa’s concert, he was happy, secret muna kung bakit sya happy. Wooot-wooot!! And we kept asking him if Sasa is his term of endearment to Sarah and he ignored the questions. We actually started Sa-Ge followers in twitter. Yahooooooo! Perfect combination!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    t0t0o b t0?

  7. Cristina Alonzo says:

    Hi Maui, Ate Cristie here……. talagang di pwedeng di ako mapasulpot kapag nakikita ko ang pangalan mo, dahil alam ko may maganda na naman akong mababasa you are really awesome! More, more , more………… demanding ba? luv’ya… take care…

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