A Second Open Letter To Ms. Sarah Geronimo

Dear Ms. Geronimo,

In the course of our lives, we may encounter individuals who would hurt and betray us. In this life, pain and unhappiness are inevitable. As we go through our journey, we may get scarred along the way. Yes, we get hurt by words said and deeds done. However, we could view these things as something that could refine us.  When I think of you, I am reminded of a rare and precious pearl. Do you know how pearls are formed Sarah? These beautiful works of art are formed because of the impurities of nature. The oyster secretes nacre which eventually forms the pearl when irritants invade its shell.

When irritants appear in our lives, we can think of them as something that could help us become more beautiful pearls. Because of these irritants, we become better persons and better human beings. All things happen for a reason and this one is no exception. If for anything, what happened showed the world how much you are loved by many. The outrage we felt in your behalf was akin to the outrage we will feel if  a member of our family is being attacked. Because to many, you are the daughter they wished they had, the sister they hoped to share secrets with, the friend they hoped to bond with.

In a business where genuineness and sincerity are a rarity, you have continued to uphold these values in spite of the considerable effort required.  Your quiet dignity in the face of this controversy is a stark contrast to the noisy rantings of some. It conveys your maturity and class and is a testament to how well your parents brought you up.

You are a beautiful pearl Sarah. A rare breed in a sea of millions.  All the difficulties you have gone through and will be going through will only help you emerge as a person more beautiful and rarer than you already are. We, your supporters,  will always be behind you in whatever obstacles you may face. As the Popsters undying chant say, “We Love You Sarah!”. Yes, Sarah, as surreal as you may think it sometimes, we love you. Please don’t let any irritant make you forget that.

I once asked myself, What is it about you, Ms. Sarah Geronimo that captures the imagination? There are a thousand and one ways to answer this question. That’s the beauty of admiring someone like you. Everyday, you give us another reason why we love you. I guess we have the rest of our lives to figure it out. Because for as long as we live, and for as long as you want us to, we will be the wind beneath your wings as you keep soaring higher in your flight.


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I love Sarah Geronimo
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19 Responses to A Second Open Letter To Ms. Sarah Geronimo

  1. jinifer says:

    so touching letter i just cant help it but feel so lucky cause i am a popster and so proud of it ate idol you never failed to give us the inspiration love2 ko ate idol ko na si sarah geronimo honesto promise

  2. shadowy says:

    because of the word curiosity I opened the link & found this letter that every words used really came from the innermost. It has heart & soul. Kudos to you …the writer who writes from the heart ..as Sarah G sings from the heart.

  3. jhaii says:

    I LOVE YOU SARAH at for sure milyon milyon pa diyan ang MAHAL na MAHAL ka!♥stay happy and healthy!

  4. jhaii says:

    I LOVE YOU SARAH at for sure sobrang dami pang nagmamahal sayo!

  5. moy says:

    galing! thumbs up 😉 npkagandang liham na nmn 😉

    salamat ng marami Sarah G sa pagbibigay inspirasyon at tanging ikaw lang ang nakakapagpasaya samin at nakakapagpangiti samin ng ganito–> ;D…. mahal na mahal ka namng mga popsters .. 🙂

  6. imsuperpretty says:

    weeeeeeeee loveeee youuuuu Sarahhhhh

    -from California

  7. Anonymous says:

    beautifully said! 🙂

  8. ashjackie19 says:

    1, 2, 3…

  9. Pamela says:

    Just lift up everything to God Sarah. The best and sharpest weapon is the one tested on fire. Likewise, trials will make the best in you. Keep up the good work. Stay the same and be the best of whatever you can be. Praying for you an ocean of countless blessings throughout your whole life.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The letter is really very nice.. halatang may puso at pinag aralan ang sumulat.. yes, sarah wag mo n lang pansinin… sana alam ni kristine n hindi nman lahat ng bagay o pinag uusapan s mundo ay tungkol s kanya.. hindi n b puedeng magbiro? hehehe!!! ano b syA akala nya yata sya lang tao s mundo… pati mga suporters nya palengkera.. siguro mababa ang ratings ng kristine ngayon s pinas.. pansin ko lang everytime may project si kristine laging gumagawa ng issue… ingat sarah… stay humble…

  11. drama_queen says:



  13. lei says:

    Very well written! ^_^

    Got this quote somewhere and this is for Sarah Geronimo “Haters are people who dedicate so much time to keep you on their mind. Means, they’re just your fans in disguise. L “

  14. cassie0124 says:

    sarah…wag u mag alala marami kaming mga tagahanga mo na nagmamahal sau at ipagtatanggol ka….advise lang po wag u na lang pansinin ang mga tao na walang magawa sa buhay…at sana po wag u na lang patulan pa ang mga mababaw na mga issues as long u know ur self at alam mo ang totoo sa sarili mo wala kang dapat ipaliwanag sa mga issues na negative na lumalabas…at sa tingin ko lang po di na kailangan pa patulan ang mga issues na ito para di na rin po lumaki…basta ang alam ko lang po ipa sa DIYOS na lang natin ang mga negative issues diba po….trials lang lahat nya sarah and i know na malalagpasan mo rin yan…just always put GOD in the center of everything…diba po…wag u na lang pansinin ang mga sinasabi ng ibang tao..GOD BLESS u always…basta maraming nagmamahal sau family, friends, at ang iyong mga taga hanga nandito lang lagi para suportahan ka…GOOD LUCK po sa career sa year 2011 at sana po lovelife meron na rin sa 2011…pansinin mo na lang yong tao na lagi na nandyan sau at nag aantay lang po…CB ba ang initial….sana nga po in the end kayong dalawa….tnx po uli sa space na ito…GOD BLESS….

  15. jessa says:

    wE lovE yoU…mRami kming nAgmA2haL saU….icipin U nLang n wLa k nmAn tLgang gnAwa s knyA n dpAt nyAng ikAgAlit…..npAs0bRa n tLga atAh ang pAgkApALaaway..expRessivE p masyAdo….

  16. Anonymous says:

    take care always God bless u!!

  17. achidave says:


  18. colei25 says:

    what ever it takes we are here to supp0rt and love u. we kn0w that u are hurting inside because of the issue but we also kn0w that u wil pass thr0ugh this.dnt w0ri, everythng turn to be g0od.

  19. mmsrrt28 says:


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