YRS Reunion Concert

July 18, 2015 / 8:45 pm



Through the years, they have become close friends yet she never ceased to be a fan of Sarah. Before she became a PDA star, she has always admired her. They both came from similar backgrounds and Sarah became her inspiration in reaching her dreams. And now that she is a star in her own right, her admiration for Sarah has never waned. She has seen how Sarah has remained grounded in spite of her success. And even with her busy schedule, she always takes the time to watch Sarah’s concerts. And now here they are, Sarah and Ate Shin, in one concert. It’s been a while that they’ve sang together, and Yeng can’t contain her excitement.


People have always asked her whether she was envious or jealous of Sars. That their management always gave Sarah the priority, or back in the days when they were together in ASAP, that Sars had more exposure, more prods than she had. It may be hard to believe but she did not feel any professional jealousy over what Sars has accomplished. If it were any other artist, there may have been that probability. But with Sarah, you just can’t. There isn’t a bad bone in Sarah’s body and Shin just loves her like a sister.

It was her habit while performing to put her hand at the small of Sarah’s back. She doesn’t know where it came from or why she does it, it just came out naturally. It was probably to show Sars without saying anything that her Ate Shin is just right behind her no matter what.


Two people that she cares about. Now here they are, in a reunion concert many have clamored for since their ASAP days. How time flies. As she goes through rehearsals, she sometimes would want to pinch herself to be sure that all of this is really happening. She, her Yenggay and Ate Shin together again on one stage. In her more than a decade in the business, she has met different kinds of people. Some you trust, some you don’t. In a profession where sincerity and genuineness are wanting, she found these qualities in Yenggay and Shin.

They held hands and held a prayer as they always did when they are about to do their production number at ASAP. She’s done many concerts already before this, whether it be her solo ones or as a guests of other artists’ concerts and each of them had memorable moments for her. She’d had grander concerts with bigger production numbers but still, this one is special to her. As they held hands and Shin said a prayer, she can’t help the tears from forming in her eyes. She had been busy, so focused on her career she admits that she regretted the times she could have spent with these precious friends. And now here she is making a resolve. As Shin prays for the success of the concert, Sarah made her own silent one, thanking the Lord for these two people she’s holding hands with.

= = = = = = = =

For them, this is more than just a reunion concert of three singers who once had a segment in a variety show. This is also a reunion of three people who remained good friends. Although they are not the kind who would hang out regularly because of their schedules, they know that they are always there for each other and could count on each others’ help in times that they need it. Their voices blend well, their characters the more so. They are unaffected by the intrigues thrown their way. In their performances, it is inevitable that mistakes are made but each is assured that the others are just behind them always ready to step in when needed. They’ve sang and performed with other artists, local and foreign, but there was something different when it’s the three of them  singing together. May be because one could see their love for each other when they perform. They are more than professional colleagues who respect each other’s talents. They are friends in the truest sense of the word.

This may be the first time in a long while that they are together on stage performing. When Shin transferred to another station years ago, a lot of their fans were disappointed with the group’s break-up. The concert is promoted as something like “YRS is back”, but for Yeng, Rachel and Sarah, they were never really gone. Because in their heart of hearts YRS have, and will always be together, may be not literally but in more ways than one could count.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the reunion concert you’ve all been waiting for. Please welcome on stage, Yeng, Rachel and Sarah. . . .,  Y. . .R . . S!”

Together, they faced the crowd. Together, their hearts as one, Yeng, Rachel and Sarah sang not only for the audience, but also for each other.

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3 Responses to YRS Reunion Concert

  1. george quanzo alben says:

    more! more! more! and please post at SG.COM?

    This is the sort of writing that makes Sarah’s fans’ hearts soar and fly into blissful spirals of ecstasy…ha ha ha…..seriously, please share with us, and hopefully encourage others to write and share…it makes better reading that those bitter articles we’ve seen lately. please share, annaugust.

  2. Ayien says:

    ..tama pala po. .nagloloko lang siguro browser ko! S0rry po! *peace*:)

  3. Ayien says:

    nice ms.maui! thumbs up! 🙂 oh my, i’m hoping that this is true and will happen anytime soon! Glad i visited your blog! Keep it up po! M0re to c0me and God bless!
    (o0ps wait. .hope you can retweet it again,i think you tweeted a wrong link!:) para makarating po sa mga bida)

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