An Open Letter To Ms. Sarah Geronimo

Dear Ms Geronimo,

I sometimes wonder why I am such a fan of yours. I have never been an admirer of any celebrity, local or foreign, until you came. What is it about you that draws people from all ages and walks of life? I hear stories of mothers, daughters, grandmothers, even sons, fathers and grandfathers admiring you. From the banana cue vendor down the street to the Makati executive in her plush office, each of them have their own reasons and each of them have their own tales to tell.

Some may say that your beauty is not as stunning as your other peers in the business. For me, yours is the kind of beauty that the longer one looks, the more beautiful you become. Your face has this contrasting aura of openness and mystery. But what is more appealing is that you seem to be unaware of how beautiful you are. You don’t carry it in your head like the others do. And yet for all of these attributes, your beauty goes beyond the physical. You are truly the embodiment of the saying “beautiful inside and out”. Quite a number of people would describe your face as angelic. And I would have to agree. You have the heart of an angel and it reflects on your face, with the way you smile and with the way your eyes light up.

Others may also say that there are better singers compared to you. Yet you outshine them all. You sing with so much heart that not even the best sopranos in this world could make me choose them over you. Offstage, you are very self-effacing and even very shy given your superstar status. But when you go onstage, wow, the transformation is almost magical. As one TV host aptly put it “Parang sinasaniban si Sarah kapag nagpeperform”. You are such a joy to watch when you perform. You always have something new to offer every time. Fans and colleagues alike await your performances with eagerness and excitement. You once mentioned that you feel at home when you are on stage. And it shows with the kind of performances you give. When you perform, I hang on to every move you make lest I miss something spectacular that you did. I hardly bat an eyelash when you’re up, whether it be at a concert or on television.

Oh and did I mention the sound of your laughter? It is one of the most beautiful sounds one can hear. Amazing how it could lift me up when I feel down. How do I describe it? It is the kind that seems to spring from somewhere deep within you, somewhere full of love and kindness that it cannot help itself but well up. There is such a genuineness to your laughter, even a rawness to it that seemed untouched by the harshness of life.

Two years and two decades in this world. At twenty-two, you’ve accomplished so many things that most people in their lifetime could only dream of. Not a lot of twenty-two year olds could say that they have had multi-platinum albums, box office successes, sold-out concerts. . . . . and  in just six years in the business!  We can only imagine the things you will still accomplish ahead. Success can change people in so many ways. Yet for all the success you have achieved, you have remained essentially the same. Your viewpoints on some things may have changed; your outlook and horizons may have widened; your heart may have gone through pain and hurt; you’ve been to many places, met different kinds of people, from the true ones to the false; you’ve accomplished so much in your career, from films, albums, concerts to endorsements, and yet if we dig down to your very core, you are still the same Sarah who sang “To Love You More” in a singing contest and captured our hearts. The things that matter most – your love for your family, your humility and good heart are still intact. You were able to preserve these values in a profession where one can easily lose them.

You always say thank you to your fans. You never fail to show your gratitude to us every time you have the opportunity. Now is my time to say Thank You Sarah. Thank you for sharing your talents and thank you for giving joy to your countless followers. One day I could proudly tell my grandchildren that there was a time when someone with a name of Sarah Geronimo touched the lives of so many people.  Not only with her loveliness and talent, but more so with the beauty of her heart.

Happy 22nd birthday Asher.


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I love Sarah Geronimo
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101 Responses to An Open Letter To Ms. Sarah Geronimo

  1. asherblueangel says:

    galing naman ng sumulat nito…nakakatouch…i love sarah geronimo coz’ she’s my idol…..SARAH ISTHE ONLY ONE AND SHE WILL ALWAYS THE BEST…

  2. Athena says:

    wow! tlga namang npakagaling ng sumulat nitong open letter for ate:) maraming maraming salamat:) saludo ako sayo at ky ate @SGeronimo25 🙂 God bless

  3. alexandra :) says:

    this was great 🙂 and nabasa na to ni Sarah. 🙂
    nahihiya tuloy ako. i’m an avid fan of SG, a UP student, an SK chairman and a Dancer, and yet, hindi pa ko nakakagawa ng ganito for my idol. two thumbs up for you, AnnAugust! how i wish makasulat din ako ng ganito kahit busy ako.. yieeh! 🙂

  4. Sarah Lover says:

    totoo talaga to.. idol na idol ko po talaga si ate sarah hindi lang dahil mgaling siyang kumanta hindi dahil kung ano siya inside and out… 🙂 i love u po ate sarah..:D

  5. emy says:

    very, very touching and inspiring piece! thank you ms annAugust for sharing your talent…. hope to read more about Sarah… has this been shared to website?
    to ms. Sarah you are truly The One and The Only Popstar Princess! thank you for the inspiration. we love you and we’ll support you all the way!

  6. sandra retes says:

    yeah 🙂 i almost cry ! it’s so nice and I felt the same way too about sarah ! hope she could really read this ! we love you so much sarah g. ! god bless

  7. jj says:

    i cried when i read it! YUO ARE the EXCEPTIONALLY SARAH GERONIMO :)))))) i love you 😀

  8. mervz says:

    thank you for creating this wonderfuil open letter because it reflects all the feelings we hold for the popstar princess. She is trully exceptionally phenomenal!

  9. nixlovesarahG says:

    whoaa! i almost cried when i read this :(( everything you stated are very much true!! i smile because of this wonderful lady, and of course cry when i know she’s in pain! im more that a fan, i can tell! im already emotionally attached to this girl. i love everything about you SARAH! and i will forever cherish this point of my life that ive been a huge huge fan of yours!! i love you sarahg! just continue being what you are right now, because lot of people believe in you, and to the SARAH GERONIMO they once knew! thank you for being my inspiration! :))

  10. dhine says:

    so true.. . sarah g is simpLy d best^_^
    g0dbLess u m0re idOL!!.. .

  11. jullia says:

    super feel ko po love ni for her! thank you po kasi kayo na nagsabi sa lahat ng gusto naming sabihin sa kanya! I LOVE YOU ASHER!:) ♥

  12. Anonymous says:

    marame nga ang nagsabi nah anu makukuha nyu sa idol nyu ..ang sabi kasiyahan at mabuting asal…minsan kay sarah mo nakukuha ang pageging mabait at respeto sa isang pamilya at sumunod kung anu ang sinabi ng magulang kung iisipin ntin tama ang magulang nya ….wla sya sa kinanalagyan ni IDOL sarah kung wala ang magulang niya kaya kung may palage nag sasabi anu makukuha ko sa IDOL… ko kasiyahan ko araw becouse sarah makes me happy everday she is the only one i become a true happy…all my life…kaya ang masasabi ko sa kanya ,IDOL……………………….i love youuuuuuuuuuuu… gagayahin kita sa mabuting asallll mo?god blees..

  13. popsterkrez says:

    very wonderful and touching piece.. sarah geronimo- nagiisa lng yan..

  14. acca says:

    haiiiiiiiiiiiii very very touching !!! lahat ng nakalagay ay totoo …..and you always says thank you lord …. happy ako kc hindi mo nakakalimutan na pasalamatan ang diyos im so happy !!!:) 🙂 🙂

  15. daniel says:

    grabe.. lahat ng gusto kong sabihin sakanya.. sinabi mo na… thank you kasi nalaman niya kung gano niyo siya kamahal… kasi akin, umaapaw na pagmamahal ko sakanya. 🙂

    btw, nag thanks na si sarah sa twitter. 🙂 follow her: SGeronimo25



  16. rona umali says:

    i love sarah g….

  17. jaz says:


    ASAP is worth watching because of ONLY her =)

  18. Grace says:

    It’s really true Ms.Sarah is not just our entertainer but more of an inspiration. 🙂 I really salute her in every way 🙂 she’s really a one of a kind 🙂 and an everlasting blessing 🙂 especially for me, i may have not have the voice to sing but my heart sings out loud every time i think of ate sarah 🙂 I hope and pray to see you soon ate sarah 🙂 God bless you always 🙂 thank you and i love you 🙂 A TRUE INSPIRATION 🙂

    thank you for this letter. 🙂 NICE!! 🙂

  19. nakakatouch nmn po ung lettter nio!!cgurdong natuwa po si sarah jan!!sna po tlga ifollow nio po at iadd po aq sa fb!!sna po tlga magreply po sten si sarah!!

  20. MissyEye says:

    to the one who wrote this..:very well said(nakakatouch)..i love SG too!She’s a legend on her own.;A precious gem. More power to you annaugust!More power to all of us!and more power and more blessings to our princess, Sarah Geronimo!

  21. eihco says:

    im so touched! npapaiyak ako! sana mpublish sa TV toh. im really am BIG fan of SG. i love u na sa annaugust!! MORE POWER!!

  22. kett says:

    aaayyy….. sakto. I love you Sarah.

  23. Marie Yu says:

    Great expression of love and admiration for one truly deserving heart, Sarah Geronimo! Thanks for putting into right words what all of us feel about Sarah!

    To Sarah, always remain to be the “heart” that God created you. A genuine heart… pure and innocent.

  24. SG_Fan says:

    “I sometimes wonder why I am such a fan of yours.” truly it is… ako din until now… i can’t explain why. Iba talaga karisma ni Sarah sa tao.

    @annaugust… simply amazing! i have the same words as yours… pero parang kulang pa lahat ng dapat kong sabihin para kay sarah at para sa lahat. I’m proud to be a popster.

    Mahal ka namin Sarah. 🙂

  25. urmyidol4ever says:

    so touching… we love you sarah!

  26. asher_bhea says:

    nakktouch nmn..hahai…
    sa sobra akong natouch nisisipon ako kasi napapaluha ako sa ganda ng message..
    sorry mababaw po kasi luha ko.. :))

  27. ahymhee says:

    Hi ann august!

    OMG… im really an avid fan of sarah and you’re right she’s definitely one of a kind, i think she’s the counter part of Michael Jackson a very shy person but when on stage its like its a different person… she’s a very talented woman and i think she is the best entertainer of all times… ❤ your letter you just nailed it!!!

  28. mhean says:

    ms. ann ur letter is a confirmation of love to someone who really deserve to be loved. i know ms. sarah so happy and proud
    to have all of you in her life, i know words are not enough. Let us continue to love and pray for her coz i know the best gift
    that she sver need is our prayer for God’s unconditional love and protection. Trully we really love her coz she’s really beautiful inside in out….sana dumami pa kyo and godbless you all to all of your endeavours..

  29. Cristine says:

    thank you annaugust!
    sinummed up mo lhat ng nafi2l nmen for Ms. Sarah G.

    sana maisip ni Ms. Sarah na lhat ng ngmmhal sa knya kgya nmen ganito tlga ung nafi2l 4 her…

    Belated Happy birthday Ms. Sarah!

  30. Tambling says:

    It is so nice.. I also cried….WOW!

    Happy Birthday Sarah(belated!)..

  31. honeylei says:

    WOW how nice the OPEN LETTER to SG you made..totoo talaga lahat …I’am also a FAN of MS. SARAH GERONIMO .. Start palang ng career niya sa industry na kinabibilangan niya now ..HINDI xa ng na patunayan ko talaga na hindi ako ng kamali na pinili c SG na maging idol ko at talaga BALDIKIN ko sarili ko para to make my self happy mapanood lng mga PROD niya sa WEB at sa ibang update…NOONG ng TNO concert xa dto sa DAVAO CITY..thankful talaga ako sa pinakita niyang KINDNESS..hope i see her again..and to say THANK YOU……………….

    GOD BLESS … 😀

  32. issah says:

    Very very touching. 😥 Every thought is true. We love you Sarah! 🙂

  33. dazzledlot says:

    there are people who are born to inspire other people and that is sarah! and i also want to be like her – a good daughter and sister! happy bday sarah! whatever you’re feeling right now, it will soon pass and it will make you wiser and stronger. it is necessary at this time to teach you to value yourself more and realize how much you are loved not just by your family but all the people who consider you as an inspiration! you will always be my sarah! – love ate lottie

  34. charmaine says:

    superrrrrrrr2x true of what annAugust’s said sge is the insperation of each of us:)
    when she sing all comes in her heart so that all of us who watch touch our heart>>.<<



  35. jheckah says:

    very, very, very beautiful & touching letter…
    sa true tlga lhat ng cnabi m…

    Happy birthday Ms. Sarah Geronimo!
    love u so much! more blessings should come on your way… 🙂

  36. danica says:

    I super agree.. this letter express whats on my mind..I LOVE SARAH G…sa kanya lng ako humanga ng sobra sobra..more power SARAH 🙂

    @annaugust: love ur letter..da best 🙂

  37. Des says:

    Annaugust, you’ve said it the right way!! Wala na akong maidadagdag pa. Napaiyak mo naman ako dun! Very touching.

    To Ms. Sarah Geronimo. Happy Birthday to you! *singing* ! Continue shining.We are always here for you. Thank you.

  38. SarahM says:

    Wow!!! How touching naman yan letter mo…
    Thank You for the letter and also thank you for your letter by expressing your admire on SarahG and also expressing what’s on my mind and what I feel about Sarah Geronimo.. And how people admire her sooo much…
    Super Proud Ako na POPSTERS Ako… And I proud to be fan of Sarah Geronimo..
    I Love You Idol… Your the best!!

    Happy Birthday Sarah Geronimo!! Idol. Wish you all the best.. May all your wishes come true, you really deserve it <3.. Wish you good health for oyu and your family.
    Love You.. We will always be here for you.. ❤

  39. SarahM says:

    Wow!!! How touching naman yan letter mo…
    Thank You for the letter and also thank you for your letter by expressing your admire on SarahG and also expressing what’s on my mind and what I feel about Sarah Geronimo.. And how people admire her sooo much…
    Super Proud Ako na POPSTERS Ako… And I proud to be fan of Sarah Geronimo..
    I Love You Idol… Your the best!!

  40. Sheen says:

    This post is really what I had in my mind. Thanks for writing it and did you know that SG tweeted it. Lucky you. Her laughter is really one of a kind. Love Sarah G FOREVER<3

  41. LittleMiss says:

    A masterpiece for a well deserved woman who is and will always be God’s own masterpiece…

  42. menchusd says:

    grabe wat a nice letter..that was my feelings too..

  43. ainah27 says:

    thanks so much maui.

    happy, happy birthday.
    may the Lord continue to shower you with blessings.

    one more thing,
    “move on na, ‘te”. =)

    we love you so much sarah.

  44. Sherihan says:

    She’s such an inspiration..I am now 19 yrs. old and I can’t believe 6 years ko na palang hinahangaan ang isang Sarah Geronimo at kahit kailan hindi nagbago ang pagmamahal ko sa kanya. Oo marami din magaling sa industriya, pero bihira ang galing niya.. I love her not just because of her talent, I love her as a person. Napaka dakila ng puso niya, at higit sa lahat sa kabila ng narating niya hindi pumapasok sa utak niya na SUPERSTAR siya..She’s very humble and she remains very simple despite of the fame and success in her life. That’s why siya lang ang gusto ng Mother ko sa showbiz because she is a role model to the youth..kaya hanga din siya kay Sarah for being such a good daughter. You are so blessed Sarah.


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Maraming nagmamahal sayo..

  45. Heidi says:

    very touching and very true. Sarah is someone you wont regret having as an Idol. She`s the best!!

  46. tes says:

    grabe kakaiyak nmn tong mcge na to….

  47. Anonymous says:

    grabe kakaiyak nmn to sna mas maappreciate ni ms sarah tyong mga fans nia at galingan nia pa lalo sa knyang career…huhuhuhu

  48. Baby Nique says:

    Thanks ate annaugust for those heart melting thoughts.. Indeed, you are a true popster inside and out. 🙂 .. I’m sure ate sarah is very thankful to hear those sincere words of yours.. And lahat po kami e nakakarelate. 🙂 you’ve just selected the right kind of words to make our eyes cry out and smile while reading it.. Popsters forever! 🙂

    Warm Regards,
    Baby Nique


  49. Anonymous says:

    annaugust, i love what you wrote… it’s all true… it’s not just to you, to me, but to all who love and admire ms. sarah g.

  50. labsliie says:

    grabeh lng.. nkktouched sobra.. kng an lhat nan mkkbasa neto ay mttouched,, wat more pa kya xa.. tama lahata nan naksulat dito.. SARAH WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST..

    • Michelle says:

      Alam mo ba, the last time i post in here ako pa lang ang pa ng last.. But just few dyas later…ang dami na natin… Wich all said is a very touching words for her..

  51. I agree for all the beautiful things said on SARAH. Actually being a fan of her for 6 years already marami pang mga nagawa sa SARAH na nakaka-amazed na hindi namention in this open letter. She is so kind not only to her family and colleage in showbusiness but to all the people surrounds her like her fans, kasambahay, drivers, staff & crew of all the shows, movies, teleseryes na nakakasalamuha niya araw-araw. Wala na akong mahihiling pa sa kanya and I hope she won’t change or kung may change man sana bawasan niya ang pagiging mahiyain at sobrang pag-degrade to herself.

    For me you are the most beautiful, the most kindest and the most talented person i’ve ever seen.

    Happy 22nd Birthday SARAH ASHER TUA GERONIMO. Godbless you always.

  52. Michelle says:

    Grabe ang Ganda naman ng mga dinabe mo about her.. Which is all true.. Sinisubaybayan ko talaga and every intervew sa kanya magalang talaga syang sumagot.. At makikita mong talaga naahiyain parin sya despite of what she accomplished in her life… Thank you for sharing this to us who love her a lot.. When she feel hurt, we do hurt too..

  53. didan says:

    sooooooooooooooooo true……….
    lahat ng fans ni sarah woul surly 100% agree with every single word of your letter… yan din ang laman ng puso at isip namin

  54. blue_jhersey says:

    i saw this from sarah’s tweet and i was linked to the site, and this is her reply for this open letter:
    ay……. Sobra namn kakatouch msg. Nio… Maraming salamat!!! Di Biro ang pagsuportA Dahil never niyong iniwan. Salamat po,mahal ko kayo.. 🙂

    this open letter is super touching to all sarah’s followers.

    sana dumami pa tyo… 🙂

  55. blue_jhersey says:

    i saw this from sarah’s tweet and i was linked to the site, and this is her reply for this open letter:

    this open letter is super touching to all sarah’s followers.

    sana dumami pa tyo… 🙂

  56. Anonymous says:

    ang ganda ng pagkagwa.. napaiyak aq habang bnabasa ko.. i’m proud to be a POPSTER!

  57. vicky joy says:

    Agree poh ako sa sinulat nyo,,,ganito din poh nararamdaman ko,,salamat at sinulat mo,,,nabasa na ni Sarah Geronimo ito dahil sa twit nya,,,sa account nya sa twitter ko ito nabasa,,,nakakaiyak ang letter pero sigurado ako na napasaya mo siya sa open letter na ito,,,we love u sarah geronimo,,Godbless poh sa lahat na nagmamahal sa Princesa natin…

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  59. Charisse says:

    Ang ganda naman ng sulat mo. Very deep from the heart. You have captured everyone’s heart who are feeling the same way towards Ms. Sarah G. I always thought that great or true feelings can never be describe. But this letter is one evidence that can make that statement false. Keep it up and God bless always!

  60. kristine says:

    WOW! nakaka touch…Very agree sa lahat ng sinabi mo

  61. annaugust says:

    Thanks guys for your nice comments. I still can’t believe it that Sarah got to read this. Thank you everyone who really made the effort to tweet this to her. : ) Sana in my own little way, I made Sarah smile even for just a little while.

    • sasher93 says:

      such a great piece for God’s masterpiece =)) so touching… Thank you AnnAugust. a job greatly done! 🙂 Happy Birthday Bebe OO! ^_^

  62. annjelique says:

    wow! super touching naman to. I was teary cried as I read every single word for sarah. We all love her because of what she is. Thanks for sharing!

  63. moy says:

    huhu muzta nmn iyak ko habang binabasa to….:) tenk u po ms maui…:)

    happy birthday sarah….God Bless U 🙂

  64. rhose says:

    ,,,hi sarah hapy b-dy then congrats your movie its so very funy nice,,i wsh u more b day,more projct endosers lov n lov kta dhil supr talentd m,,gud health,,,

  65. rhose says:

    ,,happy b-day sarah,,i wsh al the best,more b-days 2 cme gud health,,,lov n lov kta alwyz tke care,,super funny ang hating kpatid congrats,,,

  66. Anhey says:

    Wow! You wrote eveything that’s on my mind.. Hahaha.. Nice!

    Sarah tweeted this! Congratz she read it na and was so touched! ^_^

  67. Elsie says:

    Thank u Maui! Tama ba name? Gret job on te blog!

    Thanks ate jhonie for the twitter link!

  68. Priti_loidz says:

    That was really great… Sarah G. might lacking lovelife to inspire her, but the love & support of her fans is more than enough to inspire her to make her music & acting better. But still, lets all wish her goodluck in her lovelife, because she deserve to have the best man in the world that will take care & love her truly.

  69. Antonio Encarnacion says:

    Totoo lahat ng sinabi mo sa open letter. Avid fan din ako ni Sarah G.. Sana makarating sa kanya ito. Even I`m too old , she will remain my favorite STAR in Phil. showbiz. Thanks for sharing this open letter. God bless.

  70. jhoy says:

    Maui you just nailed it! i am so happy na Bebe Sarah read na your letter. i retwitted it too yesterday. sobrang kaka touch. you said what most of us feels for Sarah.

    i just wish her peace of mind and happiness from within.

    more power to you!

  71. melissa says:

    wow sana

  72. Joni Gardalen says:

    i told u Maui, she will read it 🙂 hahaha…

    more more more! keep writing more about sarah! we love it!

  73. donna says:

    im so proud to be a popster 🙂

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  75. yoj_resha says:

    awww.. suoer ganda! cant help but cry.. :’) kakaiyak kasi lahat ng sinulat dito ay super true.. sa nagsulat po niyo,, you are a true sarah fanatic because you know by heart the true meaning of being a fan.. and to Sarah,, with these words,, we truly say that this is how much we LOVE you.. keep in mind na lagi kaming susuporta sayo, whatever happens! 🙂

  76. jonie marie panganiban says:

    very touching nmn to.. ang ganda..

  77. Anonymous says:

    thanks,napaiyak talaga ako when I read it,my mom really idolized her cos of what she is.No matter what happened andito lang kami na susuporta sa iyo.Isa ka sa magandang modelo ng mga kabataan ngayon at maraming salamat sa kasiyahan na ibingay mo sa amin.

  78. victoria dyan says:

    wow, sarah tweeted this!!! nabasa nya na.. 🙂

  79. bebeash4life says:

    Napapabilib mo talaga ako maui, madalas akong lurker sa kabilang site at napapahanga sa mga sinusulat mo about sarah. 20times ko nang nabasa ang letter na e2 at di pwedeng di tumulo ang luha ko. Napakaswerte natin at dumating ang isang SARAH GERONIMO na nagpapasaya sa atin. Sana maui marami ka pang sulat na gagawin para sa ating nag iisang prinsesa.

  80. janz says:

    handsdown maui, nakakatouch, kaka proud maging fan ni Sarah…

  81. michelle says:

    all i can say is wow……honestly me also i’m not young anymore”…..i never been a admirer of anyone/celebrity…my sister open my mind,she bought 1’st album of SG,and want to sent it to me,i said no coz i don’t know her…she told i will regret….she’s right …i regret it…now….i’m a fanatic of SG…she relieved loneliness here….hope your message will handed personally to our idol…godbless

  82. joyce says:

    Ate Maui!!!

    hands down poh ako sa inyo *thumbs-up*

    agree poh ako sa lahat ng mga sinabi ninyo 😀

    thank you thank you poh 🙂

  83. kae says:

    Wow! You’ve summed up everything I feel for her.
    It’s creepy!

    I wish Sarah could read your letter.


  84. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Exactly what I feel about Sarah G. It made me cry. I hope you can make a copy of this and give it to her. I’m sure she’ll be really happy because every now and then she also needs reassurance that she’s doing a very good job, that being who she is, is what matters to us not what some people are telling her to be. Thank you.

  85. jovelyn armas says:

    wow!!!very touching!…OMG…all the words that you’ve wrote is what i want to say to Sarah G.!!!i hope n mabasa ni Miss Sarah G. ito…I love it!!!

  86. Anonymous says:

    wow!!!very touching!…OMG…all the words that you’ve wrote is what i want to say to Sarah G.!!!i hope n mabasa ni Miss Sarah G. ito…I love it!!!

  87. Ate/Tita Tes-tekya_K says:

    hi maui!

    grabe! read this in the office and i really cried while doing so. i soo agree with all that you wrote. i think, you just nailed everything that an SG fan/follower would want to say or how he/she feels. i believe, this should reach sarah’s hands and let her have a copy of this.

    you know, given the chance, i would want a lot of people to read this. parang ang sarap nga ipadala sa dyaryo and make it an open letter for SG printed on behalf of those who love her, as a birthday gift on Sunday!

    this is so wonderful maui!! thank you for voicing out what most of us, sarah G fans feel.

    continue writing! more! more!

    • ashjackie says:

      very nice idea! sana nga nga mapadala sa newspaper para ipa lagay on the day oh her bday!! i’m sure it will surprise her.. at para rin mabasa ng lahat ng tao!! only its really quite expensive!!hehe

      • bebeash4life says:

        Sana nga ma publish sa isang newspaper para yong mga fans ni sarah mabasa nila, kc d lahat naman nakaka online sa internet. At sana sa araw mismo ng kanyang kaarawan ma publish kht siguro 1/4 page lng.

  88. Joni Gardalen says:

    i love it Maui! thanks for doing this 😀

    i hope sarah can read this, ka-touch! more more more…hehehe

    • Anonymous says:

      hi joni, thanks for posting this on sarah’s twitter. grabe, ann august just articulated the reasons why we, sarah fans, love and admire her so much. ganda sana kung mabasa ito sa birthday celeb niya sa asap this coming sunday. God bless! – Tita Gie

  89. kalyndale says:

    i was quite emotional on this.. i wish she could read this.. she would have been very proud of you

  90. athena_liz says:

    Oh mauie, I cried when I read this. This is so beautiful. What a beautiful piece. Everyone who loves sarah G. will agree to what you’ve wrote. Happy dreaming sis! mwah!

  91. asherjames says:

    very touching piece! very well said and yes so true!

  92. ashjackie says:

    and thank you annaugust for this!! this is just so true..naiiyak ako while reading this..sana talaga mabasa ni sarah to..
    hope to

    • Anonymous says:

      grabeh lng.. nkktouched sobra.. kng an lhat nan mkbasa neto ay mttouched,, way more pa kya xa.. tama lahata nan naksulat dito.. SARAH WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST.. :))

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