What If

An Ashlloyd Story

What if his father’s business went well and he did not have to be the breadwinner of his family? What if she gave up on those countless auditions and felt that she is not destined to sing? Then they wouldn’t be where they are today. Would destiny still make them meet somewhere along their life’s journeys? In this world of several billion people, would their hearts eventually find their way to each other?

May 9, 2013 / PAL Fiesta Class

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – –

You sing pretty well.

Was this man talking to her?

I’m sorry, were you saying something?

I said you have a pretty good voice.

Oh, I didn’t realize I was already singing out loud.

It wasn’t that loud. I was actually straining to listen to you sing. Beats the music this airline provides.

Did her cheeks just color a little bit?

So you like MJ huh?

He’s my favorite ever since I was a kid. And I actually cried the moment I heard that he died.

Why am I telling this stranger that I cried over MJ’s death?

Well that’s life isn’t it? Some good things just don’t last.. . . . . . . . . .  So, do you sing? I mean for a living?

No. But there was a time when I would have wanted that.

What happened?

She must be wondering why this total stranger is asking her all these questions. I hope she won’t think I’m a weirdo. There was just something about her voice that got to me.

You know,. . . . . life’s realities get in the way. And then the next thing you know, it just passed you by.

He seems genuinely interested about my singing. It’s been ages since anyone have asked me about it

But do you still want it now?

I like the way she bites her lips. Not in a provocative way as some women would consciously do, but in an innocent yet very sensual way.

I’m too old for that now. I gave up on that dream a long time ago.

What is happening to me? Why am I telling this man something that I haven’t thought of in a very long time?

Life does not give us any deadline until when we can pursue our dreams. And besides you’re not old. If you call yourself old, what does that make me?

And I find  that scar between her eyebrows very attractive. It gets more pronounced when she frowns.

Let me guess, you are a motivational speaker. You go from city to city, country to country, giving motivating and inspiring speeches. And you are practicing one on me right now.

Why does he look at me as if he knows what’s inside the deepest recesses of my soul?

Hahaha. Not close. I actually work for my father’s marble business. I’m looking for prospective clients in Hongkong.

So that’s why you’re going to Hongkong. And all the while I thought it was Disneyland you were after, basing on your age and all.

I like the way her eyes light up when she smiles. I bet her boyfriend can’t help but stare at her every time she smiles.

I bet you’re boyfriend can’t help but stare at you every time you smile.

I can’t believe I just said that out loud. Now she must think I’m a real psycho

I don’t. . . . . . .  Well, it’s. . . . .  .

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said –

I don’t have a boyfriend right now.

Oh my God, isn’t that another way of saying I’m single and available? This is so embarrassing! And why didn’t I mention that I’ve broken up with my boyfriend just over a month ago?

Now, you’re pulling my leg.

Is it possible for a woman her age to still blush?

We just broke up about a month ago. We found out that we just had different priorities.

Here I go again. And now I’m telling him about my love life?! Oh my goodness. But his eyes seem to mirror the pain that I am feeling. It’s as if he knows, no, he feels, what I feel.

I’m sorry to hear that.

But why don’t I feel sorry at all? If that guy does not know a treasure when he sees one, then he doesn’t deserve her! How dare he cause the pain I see in her eyes right now.

Yeah well. . . . . . it’s part of life. There’s a time for happiness and then there’s time for sorrow.

How could he look at me like that? Like he already knows me?

And right now I get the feeling that it is time for happiness. So what brings you to Hongkong? Aside from Disneyland of course.

Aaahhh, her laughter is like music. Beats the greatest arias.

Well, aside from Disneyland, I’m attending a trade expo as my company’s representative.


I’ve enjoyed our conversation so much I forgot my manners and failed to introduce myself. My name is John Lloyd by the way.

You were not the only one who forgot your manners John Lloyd. I’m Sarah, and it was very nice talking with you.

I like the way she says my name. There is sort of a musicality to it… . . . . . So does this end here? Will I ever see her again?

Would you like to have a cup of coffee before we go our separate ways?

Please God in heaven, let her say yes.

Yeah, a cup of coffee would be good.. . . . . . . . . Aaahhh,  what a time to land.

Yeah, I know. Too bad the weather’s kind of gloomy.

Not to me, no.

No? Why?

Because it’s raining.. . . . . . .

And for the first time in my life, I felt that I didn’t have to explain why because he looked at me as if he knew all about me and rainy weathers.

So, is this what you always do, invite girls for coffee and talk about the weather?

And for the life of me, I could not think of a smart reply to that. No warm-blooded creature could have had when she smiles that enigmatic smile of hers. And believe me, men my age could still blush.


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8 Responses to What If

  1. achidave says:

    weeeeeeeeeeee!! sorry.. pero adik nako sa pagbabasa tlga.. haha

  2. Michelle Atienza says:

    More blog pls……This one makes my heart felt so good

  3. Chacha Dimapilis says:

    An interesting story… ^_^

  4. Gina Largo says:

    wow!!! i love sarah

  5. jackie says:

    napakagandang blog!! please po MORE pa!!! i’m a lurker sa ashlloyd castle po!! and thanks po pala dito.. sana marami pa..and continue po ninyo ang story bitin eh!!hehe

  6. jackie says:

    please po MORE pa!!! i’m a lurker sa ashlloyd castle po!! and thanks po pala dito.. sana marami pa..and continue po ninyo ang story bitin eh!!hehe

  7. Nikki says:

    Owwwwwwww em geeeeeeee!! Im speechless! Maui, this this wow! I couldn’t find the right words. Just wow! *blush* Handsdown to you! Sobrang pampalapot nga ng baldik blood to! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

  8. Ate/Tita Tes-tekya_K says:

    hi maui!
    ang galing galing! i’m just so proud of the baldiks, so gifted, supertalented!
    ^ i soo love this maui! thank you very much for sharing. kakainspire (translate: binuhay/pinalapot mo ang aking dugong baldik!)!
    more to come please!!! tuloy-tuloy mo lang…..mwah!!!

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